How to get my 2go password back when h@@ked

If ur 2go password was in any way hacked
by a site owner or via blueftp…this is a
chance to get it bak once again
Note: u must have d number u use in
registering 4 ur account Or u lose ur
ACCOUNT 4 real!
Just visit:::
and click help and choice kenya as ur
country and input ur phone number using
country code
+23480*******! Ur good to go..get a new not pay any1 or get password
by sms! not visit any site that says Get 2go
booster or ultimate Star,that is how they
HACK UR 2GO..! And steal ur gocredit and
ask 4 moni!
Be warned! Do not be a victim! Do not share
password to any site for any reason.
Goodluck! Invite ur palz
Note: always change ur password to make it
secure! Weekly.

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