Doctor Rape.s Lady Who Came To Him For Abortion News

Doctor Rape.s Lady Who Came To Him For Abortion News

Lack of self-control is a big problem. A doctor allegedly r*ped a lady during an abortion procedure two weeks after same man mastur-bated before her during a physical examination, a court has heard.
According to Tribune 242, after Dr. Gerald Mark Forbes informed the 20yrs old lady she would need a medical examination to work at his clinic in the Bahamas, last February, he was said to have rubbed her vag-ina and started touching himself right in her presence.
But why did she go back to such a man for an abortion?

Two week’s later, the lady went to the same doctor and asked him to terminate her pregnancy, he was accused of r*ping her during the procedure.

The 47-year-old doctor is also said to have given the alleged victim a packet of Methotrexate, a drug used to induce abortions.

The defendant told the police as heard by the Grand Bahama Court that the woman was a ‘friend of a friend’, who worked at his office for two months. He denied the r*pe and indecent assault charge.
But he refused to answer officers when asked about the incident, telling them he ‘had nothing to say’.
The court was told that in a WhatsApp exchange that took place after the alleged r*pe, the doctor told the lady he didn’t owe her salary because he had provided her with medication.

Both the doctor and the lady staff turned patient are jokers. The trial resumes this Friday in court.

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