Breaking News Today: The Former Cape Verde President Monteiro Is Dead Read

The Former Cape Verde President António Manuel Mascarenhas Gomes Monteiro is dead.

Mr Monteiro died on Friday at the age of 72, VOA Radio confirmed.

Consequently, the candidates for the country’s October 2 presidential elections have suspended their campaigns to mourn his death.

The archipelago

Mr Monteiro died at his home in Praia city following a long illness.

He was the first democratically elected president of the archipelago in 1991 and was re-elected in 1996.

In 2001, Mr Monteiro left the country’s presidency and took up several UN and Francophone international roles.

A widow

Mr Monteiro was born in Ribeira da Barca at Santa Catarina on Santiago Island in February 16, 1944.
He graduated with a law degree from Belgium where he later served as a university lecturer.
Mr Monteiro is survived by a widow and three sons.

Rest In Perfect peace

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