How To Transfer Money & Buy Airtime With Your Phone On Your GtBank Account With *737#

Guaranty Trust Bank rolled out a service to make things easier for their customers. This service is called GTBank 737 and it allows  customers perform some basic tasks without having to visit the bank.

With Gtbank 737 , GTBank users are able to buy airtime , transfer money , check for pending issues with their account and also check their account balance , all with their smartphone!. Its a life saver!.
Before now , the only thing i used this service for was to purchase airtime.

I had never used it to transfer money , but everything changed last week. Here’s my story.

I have 2 bank accounts in Nigeria. One with GTBank , and the second with UBA.  GTBank  is my main account and i use it for all my transactions , while UBA is just a backup account and i barely use it for anything.

Last week monday , i had an issue with my GTBank ATM card , and couldn’t withdraw money with it. I took my issue to the bank , requested for a new atm card , and i was told it will be ready within 10 working days.

I was extremely low on cash and i desperately needed to withdraw , and since i couldn’t use my ATM card ,

 i decided to transfer some money from my GTBank account to my UBA. I used GTBank 737 service for the first time and boy! , it was fast and efficient. Here’s how i made the transaction without leaving my house / using the internet.

Before you proceed , please ensure that the phone number you want to use is the same with the one on GTBank’s database . Your phone number must be the same. That’s the only way you can use this service.

On your mobile phone , dial *737#. You see a list of services on offer. To transfer funds , type 4 in the text area provided and click on send

Next , You will be asked if you want to transfer funds to a GTBank user / Another bank user.

You will be asked to type in the account number of the person you want to transfer money to :

Next , Choose the Receipent’s Bank

Enter the last 5 digits on your Atm Card to confirm the transaction

Transaction successful!!

I got a credit alert on my UBA account less than 2 minutes after initiating the transfer.

Then You  Wait for a debit alert from GTBank , which confirms that your transaction is indeed successful. As you can see above , i was able to complete my transaction without using my ATM pin or TOKEN.
The only thing i do not like about GTBank 737 is that the transaction is not free. GTBank will charge you #105 for the successful transaction. Take a look at the screenshot below :

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